Tuesday, November 25, 2014


The 'Mystery' Country in the 9-11 Report

Hameed Abdul Karim

The official story is that Muslim ‘terrorists’ did 9-11. Maybe. But were they acting alone?  And is there a secret surrounding the findings that investigated the biggest attack that America faced on that fateful day? Yes, there is.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Islamophobia And The Sri Lankan Media

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Hameed Abdul Karim
Hameed Abdul Karim
In recent times there have been a string of articles in the Sri Lanka print media ranging from claims that terrorist groups like Al Qaeda are firmly entrenched in Sri Lanka to ISIL cells straining at the leash just to wreak havoc in the country at the drop of the hat. All they need is an order from their ‘caliph’. That’s the impression that has been created in the minds of ‘news’ consumers.
In a TV interview, not long ago, a BBS demagogue said he had seen Al Qaeda cadres training in the east of Sri Lanka with his ‘own eyes’.  The military rejected this ‘eye witness account’ out of hand.
So what’s this all about?

Saturday, October 4, 2014


Is Israel Our Friend?

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Hameed Abdul Karim
Hameed Abdul Karim
In the recent past there seems to be a rush by sections of the media and top government officials to embrace Israel as a bosom pal.
An article in the once prestigious Daily Mirror claimed the Sinhalese were related to the Jews through the ten headed King Ravana who lived 5000 years ago. It was not the absurdity of the logic of the writer that was in debate, but the fact that the said paper decided to publish the said article that raised eyebrows. Somewhere in the corridors of power in Tel Aviv there will  be top officials laughing their heads off at the thought of being related to ‘monkeys’ as the Sinhalese were described by Mossad officials according to Victor Ostrovosky in his book ‘By Way of Deception’.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Ceylon Today
Monday 15 September 2014
Is It Game Over?
Hameed Abdul Karim

‘It is true the brutal beheadings of two journalists were acts of savagery’

When the now renamed Islamic State exploded on the world scene there was shock and revulsion all over the Middle East and the Gulf state. Shock at the lightening speed with which they conquered large swathes of land in Iraq and Syria. Revulsion at the indescribable atrocities the fighters committed in achieving this objective.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Did God Promise Palestine To The Jews?

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Hameed Abdul Karim
Hameed Abdul Karim

Note by writer. This article was in response to one that appeared in The Island (Sri Lanka) but the paper did NOT publish thus depriving me the 'Right of Reply'. This is in gross violation of media ethics. However, the Colombo Telegraph came to my rescue by publishing it in their popular website. My thanks to Colombo Telegraph. Hameed
Dr. V.J.M. De Silva in his article titled ‘The Israeli Palestinian Conflict Some Random Thoughts’ (The Island, 12 August, 2014) quotes the Bible in support of Israel. The one that Dr. Silva cites is often quoted by Jewish and Christian Zionists or Evangelical Christians to support the colonial conquest of Palestine by European Jews.  This so called promise to the Prophet Abraham (peace be on him) is found in the book of Genesis.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


This was in response to an editorial in the Sunday Times (SL) on August 2, 2014. 

Compare Israel With The LTTE

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Hameed Abdul Karim
Hameed Abdul Karim
I was more than disappointed when I read your editorial in the Sunday Times (August 2, 2014) where you directly compare the Hamas with the now vanquished LTTE suggesting that Hamas too is a terrorist organisation as Israel and its backers in west, the so-called ‘international community’, want the whole world to believe.
It is open season on Muslims in Sri Lanka as in the whole world, so I will be treading on dangerous grounds when I say Hamas is not a terrorist organisation. I know also that useful idiots like ‘caliph’ Baghdadi of Islamic State notoriety contribute immensely to the sound bites of ‘Islamic terrorism’ that are ever present in the echo chambers of the world media.
Free and fair election



Israel Is The Villain Of The Peace

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Hameed Abdul Karim
Hameed Abdul Karim
For Mr. Angelo Jansen and his ilk, (Ceylon Today Thursday 17 July, 2014) like the Israeli spin doctor Mark Regev and all Israeli worshipers, it seems like history of the Palestinians’ tragedy began last week when Hamas fired rockets into Israel in retaliation to Israeli atrocities in Occupied Palestine.
So for those of us who do not know, the Palestinian catastrophe began when about a hundred years ago Zionist Jews supported by white supremacists in Europe and America, who now call themselves the ‘international community, brought European Ashkenazi Jews to Palestine. At first the Palestinians Arabs, both Muslims and Christians, welcomed their ‘cousins’ with open arms in sympathy because they were fleeing the enormous and horrible  butchery committed on them (the Jews) by white European Christians.